Internet Of Things and Digital!

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Internet of Things (IoT) is perceived as the next big thing, expected to transform our lives… In this post, I would like to delve a bit more on IoT and why it is even more relevant in today’s age of Digital Transformation!

Simply put, IoT is essentially connecting a machine to internet so as to be able to monitor and control the same remotely.

As much simple as this may sound, this can bring in a sea-change in our lives by leveraging it to our advantage.  IoT enables us to implement a complete digital ecosystem, allowing the digital transformation journey to extend itself into the day to day life of an end customer, in the form of humanly perceivable and tangible solutions that will immediately take them in awe!

There are already companies that have leveraged IoT to completely change the way that industry operates, opening up new avenues of doing business. Be it smart thermostats that automatically adjusts the temperature of a room or smart cars the diagnoses the problem based on the cars vital parameters and suggests the appropriate service station based on the cars current location!

However, as said in the famous Hollywood film – “with great power comes great responsibility”

IoT has some challenges to face in terms of data privacy and security issues before it can claim to be the next big thing in our lives.

Also as IoT starts to get involved in every aspect of a human life, we are now suddenly talking of extremely large volumes of non structured data being tracked, recorded and analyzed in real time. Interconnecting all of these different sources and forms of data emanating from millions of devices across the globe, almost necessitates having your data reside on cloud based solutions, as the data now being generated / consumed is no longer restricted within the safety walls of your enterprise.

Data analytics starts playing a vital role in being able to decipher the large volumes of untructured data being generated from the devices.

The power of being able to use your mobile phone as a universal device to control all of your devices from anywhere in the world brings mobility into the fold as well.

Hence IoT can never be separated from SMAC.

In reality, IoT is not a new concept. Jini technology introduced by Sun in early 90s was the first to talk about controlling hardware devices remotely using java RMI. However the absence of digital technologies – Social, Mobility, Analytics & Cloud – that could truly make these concepts a reality, were missing at that time… and the result is there for all to see.

But today, with all enterprises now talking about digital transformation , IoT becomes a natural choice.

Another key aspect here is integration. Enterprises need a strong cloud orchestration platform to be able to connect and leverage all of these devices/systems. A robust integration platform that can orchestrate the interactions with these internet-connected devices will allow enterprises to build truly digitally-connected solutions.

While the hype around IoT continues and promises to be the “next big thing” – I’ll leave you behind with this interesting 2 min video I bumped into on youtube that so aptly describes IoT –

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