Digital transformation used to be for the early, type A adopters who needed a competitive advantage to leapfrog entrenched vendors. It didn’t take long for emerging competitors to cause a digital disruption and force entrenched providers to respond with their own business transformation efforts to minimize customer attrition.  This hasn’t  proceeded at the same rate for all sectors and types of organizations. While lessons are transferable across industries, the business models and competitive environment between sectors vary greatly have a huge impact on digital transition and the skills and technologies necessary to support the migration. This leads many organizations wondering where and how to start on their own digital journey and how they are different yet alike others within and outside their sector.
Since and before the dawn of digital transformation, Capgemini and Salesforce have offered industry leading solutions to virtually all sectors across the globe. In the years  since joining forces, Capgemini has become one of the elite, leading providers of Salesforce solutions according to industry luminaries. This is a feat not accomplished through just technology implementation but by leading organizations in many sectors (e.g. financial services, retail, manufacturing, life sciences) digital transformation initiatives.
Insurers have come to rely on Capgemini and Salesforce to improving customer experience across all channels. According to the recently released World Insurance Report, 80% of insurers recorded a declined in customer with positive experiences. With low barriers to switch providers, insurers need to engage customers cost-effectively, where they are, at every stage of the interaction from quotes to buy and to service and claims journeys. Capgemini’s All Channels Experience framework utilizes Salesforce1 Mobile, Sales and Service Cloud offerings to empower insurers to blend traditional and digital channels to deliver an exceptional customer experience and increased agent productivity.
Retailers and distributors were early entrants to digital transformation and known as “digital masters’’ from the book Leading Digital, co-authored by Capgemini’s Didier Bonnet. Capgemini and Salesforce were with retailers and distributors from the very beginning of the transformation journey. Deploying Salesforce1 mobile distributors receive timely data on product activity from their retail channels that increases the effectiveness and agility of their sales & distribution organization. They win more share of shelf, improving overall and per rep revenue at reduced costs. This has immeasurable benefits to channel loyalty with a more thorough understanding of customer journeys.
Conservative adopters in the pharmaceutical and life science industry are reaping the benefits of Capgemini utilizing their Salesforce instance to transform the way they manage client interactions while improving user experience. Surviving the channel disruption in traditional go-to-market is a significant concern to providers solved by Capgemini’s deep sector expertise combined with the rapid time to value offered by Salesforce Sales Cloud.
While at different speeds, all organizations are pursuing digital transformation as means of competitive differentiation. However, migrating to the Cloud is an axiomatic step in the journey. It must be at the heart of their business strategy and key to business transformation in partnership with Salesforce. If this is not visionary enough, the Internet of Things (IoT) looms in the very near horizon where Capgemini and Salesforce are ready to take all organizations to the next step of business transformation.