How do I connect with my team? How will I meet everyone in this office? Is that even possible? In the consulting industry, people are constantly coming and going. Schedules are double and triple booked, flights are made and missed, and priorities are adjusted and managed. This is simply the nature of what we do.


One thing my Italian mother taught me was that food brings people together. For those brief moments, we are free to take a deep breath, appreciate the given gift, and enjoy the authentic company of our counterpart. A sweet treat can be an optimistic catalyst for an organic smile.

A cookie, a pastry, or even some need-to-be-eaten fruit can bring people together. We are in the business of creating, developing, and maintaining genuine relationships. For me, the break room is where this can be put into good practice. Just last week, I went down to one of the bakeries and ordered a giant box of cookies. I got a handful of chocolate chip for the classic snackers, some oatmeal raisin for the perceived calorie counters, and a variety of others to cover everyone in between. Sure, you’ll hear a mouthful from the fitness fanatics about how you are throwing off their numbers, goals, and providing some harmless temptation. In the end, they’ll be the ones going in for seconds.

What’s the cost? Minimal. Bring your lunch for a few days and call it even. It is a small price to pay for creating a ripple effect of good graces, good conversation, and good community.

Sometimes a little sweetness can change the emotional temperature of a room. I mean, who can resist a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? Creating an environment for people to come together, share their experience, and continue their day just a little happier than when they started is a definite win for everyone. We are one Capgemini, and we need to continue adding value to ourselves, our teams, and our clients.
One simple, subtle, and satisfying way to do this is to add a little sweetness to the office.