HOLA Means More than “Hello”…

Today’s post comes from Michael Baez. 
Mike serves as the HOLA lead for New York and New Jersey.  He is currently a Delivery Manager within our Banking and Diversified Financials Practice and is based out of our Jersey City, NJ office. 

HOLA is a word that means “hello” in the Spanish language, and at Capgemini it means that and much more.  The word also translates into a creative acronym that represents our “Hispanic Opportunity Leadership Achievement” Employee Resource Group whose mission is to promote a mutually beneficial integration of strengths that exist between the Hispanic/Latino and Non-Hispanic/Latino members of Capgemini.
In the spirit of integrating cultures, the New York/New Jersey HOLA team recently hosted an awareness event for Capgemini employees around the Cinco de Mayo holiday.  The event was held on May 8th at Pámpano restaurant in New York City.  Capgemini employees were able to increase their awareness of the Cinco de Mayo holiday, share experiences, network with colleagues, and understand and spread the word about HOLA in a relaxed setting.  HOLA scheduled similar events during the month of May in Burbank, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and San Juan (Puerto Rico).   

…A few words about Cinco de Mayo (5th of May)
In 1862, France invaded the Mexican gulf coast along the state of Veracruz and began a march towards Mexico City. Although the American President, Abraham Lincoln was sympathetic to Mexico’s cause, the U.S. was involved in its own Civil War at the time and was unable to provide any direct assistance.

The French army encountered strong resistance near the city Puebla at the Mexican fortresses of Loreto and Guadalupe. Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguin led a small militia of approximately 2,000 men in a successful fight to stop and defeat a well-armed, much larger French army of 6,000 soldiers.  The victory was a glorious moment for Mexican patriots in stopping the invasion of the overall country.

The news of the Mexican victory over the French Army at Puebla was celebrated, not only immediately after it happened but every year during the Civil War.  This is why we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

As illustrated by our efforts for Cinco de Mayo and other events, awareness is one key objective for HOLA.  Expanding on this foundation, our other key objectives for 2015 and beyond include awareness and development, service, networking, recruitment and retention.  HOLA truly does means more than just “hello.”

Our efforts look to support diversity of thought in the workplace by enabling cross-cultural collaboration, the formation of more dynamic client relationships, the development of diverse business leadership, talent acquisition and retention, and enhancing the Capgemini brand and growth of Capgemini presence in the North American/Latino market.

If you are interested in joining our efforts or finding out more about HOLA, please contact us at hola.nar@capgemini.com.