Peter Druckers statement “The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as opportunity” is very relevant to the business of testing today. The 2014 -2015 World Quality Report published by Capgemini, Sogeti, and HP states that 92 percent of Financial Services organization are now using some form of agile development methods. The Financial services industry have been pioneers in the managed testing space and have mastered the art of running industrialized, SLA driven global test organizations .With the proliferation of the Agile frameworks the testing services provider must now wear the hat of a business leader  and marry the structured principals of the managed test center with the nimbleness of the agile model. This has lead to the evolution of a Hybrid Managed Test Center built on the principal of one team concept at a unit level and centralization at an organization level.
Following are critical imperatives to aid this transformation:

  • Assuring measurable  outcomes such as return on revenue from agile initiatives using techniques such as value stream mapping
  • Building integrated structured test approach mapping to varied agile and hybrid  frameworks.
  • Flexible demand management with  core test teams as a part of scrum teams and lean flexible teams
  • Adoption of lightweight delivery mechanisms such as Lean and Kanban.
  • Implementing continuous delivery tools and techniques
  • Building Quality engineering skills such as test driven development and behavior driven development.
  • Adoption of Shift Left and Shift right automation tools and techniques.
  • Greater  industrialization with increased leverage of pre-packaged assets and model based testing techniques ,
  • Non GUI based automation with increased services virtualization
  • Agile set up of Test environments, infrastructure  and data to support iterative delivery
  • Achieving right onshore,near shore, offshore balance in a distributed agile model
  • Implementing risk reward outcome based pricing models.
  • Robust release management across hybrid models

 One size does not fit all. The need to address the balance between uniformity and diversity is critical in this transformation.
To know more about  differences between Agile and Traditional Testing and how Agile Testing impacts the Financial services industry register for the Capgemini and HP webinar on 20th May 2015