As Oracle databases do often form the center, or foundation, of critical business applications it is important that they are secured to the best abilities and that they are compliant with all the rules and regulations that are applicable to a customer’s situation. To help customers ensure that security and compliancy is implemented as expected Oracle provides a compliancy framework from within Oracle Enterprise Manager. 
As a new addition to the already existing compliancy standards Oracle has now extended the available compliancy standards with a DISA’s Security Technical Information Guide ( STIG ) for Oracle Database 11.2g Version 1 Release 2 standard. 
This means that you can now check and ensure that databases are compliant with the new compliancy standard by using your central Oracle Enterprise Manager implementation. To enable the new compliancy standard you can use the extensibility self update functionality in Oracle Enterprise Manager which will download and apply the functionality for you. 
After using the extensibility self update functionality to apply the DISA’s based compliancy standard it will be available to you within the Oracle Enterprise Manager 12C Compliancy Library. 

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