When incorporating a cloud based PaaS solution into your IT landscape it can be used for different things. Based upon a recent study from Oracle in the next two years, application development and testing will become the most popular cloud use case, rising from 39% to 52%. 
This means that within 2 years 52% of all the development and test work is expected to be done within the cloud in one form or another for Oracle based solutions. Currently this is 39%. This means that, as an IT organization the changes are high that either your development teams or your business will start asking questions around the options around using cloud. 

Oracle PaaS

Developers, and testers do want to have systems they can use for a short period of time. Preferably provided to them with the option to do in a self-service manner and ready and available in a couple of minutes. Deploying one or more systems, use them during a development or test cycle and dispose of the machine again. 
This way of working is in most cases common practice within a cloud setup, for companies to adopt this way of working is however a different thing. Traditionally IT departments are not based upon an agile way of working, now business and developers as well as testers do demand this from departments that traditionally not constructed to work in an agile way. 
To help companies transition from a traditional IT infrastructure way of doing things Capgemini provides standard approaches, based upon Oracle technology, to move into a more cloud based way of working. For this Oracle engineered systems like the Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance can be used. 
The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance is a pre-build cloud enabler that is providing a private cloud from within a single appliance. The Oracle Virtual Compute Appliance includes compute nodes, virtual networking and storage capabilities in one. Deploying this will reduce the project time for building a private cloud drastically and will ensure a faster return
However, even though Oracle Virtual Compute Appliances can be used for small,, medium and large private cloud solutions also models for smaller footprints can be build by making use of both Oracle software and hardware without using an appliance. Smaller solutions are based upon “small cloud” model which is discussed in another blogpost on this website.  

When your organisation is changing to a cloud focused organisation it is a good practice to look at both public cloud as well as private cloud. Considering Oracle as a player in the both fields is good practice.

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