There’s no question about the need to modernize social welfare administration and provision. With significant citizen demands for increased responsiveness, greater flexibility and improved efficiency, welfare agencies are not asking ‘when’ they should transform, but ‘how’. In today’s highly connected world, the ‘how’ is all about digital enablement.

But we all know that digital transformation comes at a cost. And with enormous pressures on budgets, welfare agencies are seeking ways in which to bring about change as cost effectively as possible. The obvious route as I see it is to build a digital capability around a cloud-based platform.
A cloud-based platform provides more functionality with less investment. Pay-as-you use in the cloud gives welfare agencies the opportunity to manage their multi-channel interactions on a real-time basis 24/7. This has the added advantage of delivering always-available citizen services, which is increasingly important in today’s connected world.

Capgemini’s EnablesWel solution is built on a flexible Service Oriented Architecture, EnablesWel includes a cloud-based communications offering. This is Capgemini’s Odigo solution for managing all the complexity of multi-channel interactions to dramatically improve welfare business responses. Crucially – and this is critical to achieving a cost effective transformation – it does this without the capital expenditure costs of building or upgrading infrastructure.

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