Whether we like it or not, today’s digital world is one of immediacy. In the delivery of public services, such as social welfare, this manifests itself in digitally savvy customers who demand a fast, reliable and simple-to-use service. And they expect it now, not tomorrow. All of which presents a tough challenge for global welfare agencies as they handle millions of citizen interactions every day.

As well as meeting the needs of this digitally connected customer base, agencies still have to cater for citizens not fully engaged with the digital world. This includes the homeless and many pensioners.

It’s clear that welfare agencies need a new approach in order to offer the level of service demanded. And with an aging population as well as rapidly changing employment patterns, the current welfare model cannot be sustained without a substantial re-think in terms of modern delivery approaches and even partnerships.

Imagine if we provided the ability to automate 90% of all claims processing. It doesn’t take much to realise the impact of this on currently overworked agency staff, whether it’s faster settlement of claims or the increase in bandwidth it offers for staff to deal with complex cases.

EnablesWel delivers across two areas of value, the customer welfare journey and the agency’s internal processing. How? By initiating the digital workplace and citizen interaction needed to help agencies do so much more, with less. And non-digital claimants will also benefit from the improved workforce efficiency and appropriate levels of support engendered by EnablesWel’s intelligent management of multi-channel citizen preferences.

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