The launch of our Insights & Data global practice in recent days has given me an opportunity to consider the role of Enterprise Content Management in this new world. Let me be clear from the start, the management and exploitation of content is very much core to our vision of how customers can get Insight at the point of action, however I’d like to elaborate on what that could mean for our customers with just a handful of examples:

Digitisation – we are seeing many situations where organisations still have large amounts of information stored in paper files. Traditionally the business case for digitising these has been around cost, either cost of managing and retrieving or the cost of storing the paper. We believe there is an additional benefit which can help organisations which is based on them tapping into the value which is contained in these paper files through Analytics.

Managing IP – organisations are becoming more and more concerned with making sure they manage and control their IP. Many organisations currently have this IP distributed across different repositories in file shares, emails and even in some established Document Management solutions. By combining Analytics capabilities with the ability to securely and compliantly manage the content we can help customers to identify and then manage their IP.

Case Management – we are helping many of customers to deliver improved ways of working through Case Management solutions, largely through our Case as a Service offering. This kind of platform is ideal as a platform in which Action can be taken based on the Insights which organisations can gain from their Data. Consider justice organisations who can be gaining Insight from their huge variety of data sources (Case Files, Digital Evidence, POLE Stores etc…) and who can then initiate investigations on the information they infer from the Analytics tools.

By moving to a global practice, based on helping them to get Insight from their Data, and by ensuring Enterprise Content Management is a fundamental part of this new global practice we are confident we are in a position to truly deliver solutions which our customers can use to understand, manage and then exploit the rich and varied information which they either hold or which is available to them.