Whats Hot in ECM – A Recruitment Perspective

Part of my job is to make sure we’re bringing in the right people and we’re lined up with the right technology in the ECM space. At the moment we have a clear vision of what we want to do with ECM and we are looking to grow the team in a number of areas. In order to help understand what the rest of the market is up to and what kind of skills are in demand I decided to do a quick search on Jobserve in the UK on some of the relevant technologies, the results were interesting:
Documentum 9 Positions Open
OpenText 8 Positions Open
Alfresco 6
SharePoint 518
Kofax 3
FileNet 10
“IBM Case Manager” 4

Now this was a mix of Contract and Permanent positions but generally the split was 30/70 with the majority being Permanent positions. What I did expect to see was the likes of Documentum and OpenText being similar, Alfresco slightly below given it is more an emerging technology in the UK market. IBM is a difficult one to search for given the use of FileNet and Case Manager and there may be some overlap in the numbers above. Clearly the big number is SharePoint and it is quite staggering the number of open positions which reference SharePoint in one way or another. When I look at the open roles they are a mix of Developers, Consultants, Project Managers and Architects and they are across different parts of the SharePoint ‘portfolio’ including SharePoint 2010, Office 365, BI and .Net Development.

Clearly this is a market which is buoyant and we need to make sure we are offering candidates the right opportunities and I’m convinced we are working on some of the most exciting and challenging SharePoint deliveries in the UK and worldwide, plus people will get the opportunity to work alongside some of the most talented and knowledgable SharePoint consultants working in the UK at the moment.

To bring this post to a close though there was one technology which I didn’t include the results for, Box. Now I know its very much a tool which is emerging and which, if we are honest, part of the value proposition is the low degree of effort in deploying the product so it was not something which I would expect to see positions open for. However for anyone who does look on sites such as Jobserve can you work out the obvious problem in doing a search for Box as a keyword? Yep, hundreds of them and none of them related to the technology. Just shows you what people need to consider when thinking about the product name….as a reference there were job positions open which contained DropBox and Syncplicity.

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