As we do see more and more customers moving to private or hybrid cloud based solutions for their Oracle install base we also see the need that engineers change to a more cloud mindset. By introducing a cloud solution there is a need for a cloud management team who will build, operate and maintain a private cloud. The most effective way of operating a private cloud is by making use of a DevOps team. In basis a DevOps team is responsible for all components in a solution and is responsible for the entire lifecycle of the components. 
This is asking for a culture change, traditionally enterprises would have a network team, a storage team, a UNIX team and DBA team. When implementing a private cloud and using a DevOps team there is the need to ensure you have all those capabilities within a single team. Preferably a private cloud DevOps team is a small team which means that all members of the team need to be able to understand all facets of the cloud. This holds that a DBA is not a pure DBA anymore; he needs to have a solid understanding of network, storage, operating systems, hypervisors and more. 
Build the winning team
Depending on the nature of the private cloud and the technical foundation you will need to ensure that a multitude of skills is embodied in a small number of people. When for example deploying a Oracle Database as a Service cloud you will need people how do possess the following skills around the following topics; Server hardware, network infrastructure, storage infrastructure, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Oracle RAC, Oracle database. These are the basic skills needed often required is a pallet of programming languages, especially if you intend to customize parts to your own liking and do not want to follow only the Oracle line of thinking. In this case you will have a bare minimal requirement in terms of programming and scripting languages; Perl, Python, Bash, Java and PL/SQL. 
Ensuring the right attitude
Having a cloud DevOps team requires a different attitude compared to the attitude often seen in traditional IT departments. The attitude in traditional IT departments is often that “the other department” should resolve a specific issue. For example a traditional DBA team will require the networking team to resolve a specific network issue. When working in a DevOps team that is end-to-end responsible for a cloud solution the mindset needs to be that all members of the team are eager (and equipped) to resolve any issue that has an influence on the platform. Even though this sounds feasible it will require a mindset change, especially with people who have been working in a traditional organization setup.
Fitting it together
Having the people, the correct knowledge and the correct mindset will give you the starting point to build a dream team. The catch will be that you will need to have drive. A common drive to build the best solution there is. Oracle is providing a lot of building blocks to build a technical correct working cloud. It will take a team to take those building blocks and construct the best possible solution. When you have succeeded in building the dream team you will see that the building blocks provided by Oracle and the self developed extensions to them can become the best possible private cloud.