TechnoVision 2015 – The Surgeon’s Scalpel

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37 design principles and trends look pretty overwhelming. Are you supposed to ingest and digest them all? And then what’s the use ? Not to worry. TechnoVision 2015 is not an encyclopedia; it is not a hammer in search of the right size nail; it is not a scimitar to attack throngs of technophobes. It is […]

37 design principles and trends look pretty overwhelming. Are you supposed to ingest and digest them all? And then what’s the use ?

Not to worry. TechnoVision 2015 is not an encyclopedia; it is not a hammer in search of the right size nail; it is not a scimitar to attack throngs of technophobes. It is a scalpel – your scalpel – to understand how the new technology design principles and trends can be applied to achieve a specific objective – your objective.

Here’s how.

To take advantage of TechnoVision 2015 we suggest three steps.
First, have a look at TV2015’s whole picture

The best entrance to TechnoVision are the Design for Digital principles – evolutions or revolutions that change the way we think about technology for business. Read the seven descriptions several times, pondering each word – until you feel you could have written them yourself. Then look at the corresponding text – ask yourself if you would have come up with the same comments; even better, write your own!

Then pick the cluster you are most interested in, go through its building blocks and, with the help of the accompanying text, reflect on what is different compared with your knowledge and experience; think through the consequences.

Finally, go through the other clusters, at the level of depth you choose, remembering that they come in logical groups of two: Invisible Infostructure and Applications Unleashed building the foundation; Thriving on Data and Process on the Fly linking the foundation with the visible innovations, We Collaborate and You Experience.
Second, define what you want to achieve – specifically

Do you want to understand how new technologies can renew your thinking on a longstanding issue? Are you in search of new opportunities, new business models? Do you want to use TechnoVision 2015 to assess which capabilities your company needs to acquire or develop – to become a digital enterprise?

Do you want to provide a different context to one of your projects? Do you want to reposition another project to make it a better building block of your Digital Transformation ? Or do you want to make this project future proof?

As a CIO, do you want to engage with a business executive and whet her appetite for technology? As a business executive, do you want to go beyond the journalistic view of new technologies’ impact on your business? Do you want to give fresh impulses to your strategic thinking? Do you want to provide food for new organizational thought?
Third, select the relevant principles and trends, and write your story!

With a topic and a clear objective in mind, you will be ready to select the relevant principles and trends – in one of two ways :

·      directly, picking up the ones which you know will give you all elements for the solution story ; for this, you need a solid understanding of both question, what you want to achieve, and tool, TechnoVision 2015 ;

·      in two steps : exploring first the context – for example innovation, or growth, or business and IT relations – and then zooming in on the specific question which will be answered through the story.

After selecting the relevant principles and trends, you want to order them in the logical sequence fitting what you want to achieve. This is the crucial step in writing your story : it transforms the elements of TechnoVision into a coherent subset – the one you need. As a matter of principle, select and organize only a few of the principles and trends to start the discussion – it is easier, later, to enrich the story tather than streamline it.
An example

Let’s assume the topic at hand is the troublesome relation between business and technology, more specifically between the central IT organization and this unhappy business entity – love is definitely not in the air !

Let’s approach it in two steps.

First, let’s write the general story. As we learned from the Digital Transformation experience, we are entering a new era in the relationship between business and technology. In every development effort, one now takes, according to the principles of Design for Digital, the stakeholders’ point of view (What’s Your Story?) and joint, business technology teams create an integrated approach (Business Mon Amour). This way, the business can make a strategic use of data (Real Real Time, Data Apart Together), leverage the power of social (Social is the New Oil), become adaptive (Elastic Business, Shades of Process) and develop new relations with customers (End User, End Producer).

Second, having whetted the business’s appetite with this general view, you can move to the specifics: let’s work together for the benefit of the business entity’s customers and develop, on new common rhythms (From Train to Scooter), a Digitally Intense experience for digitally enabled customers. To build this experience, we explore new forms of digital interactions (No Keyboard) for maximum differentiation (Object of Desire) – without forgetting to build the required new processes with our customers (Co-Process), an opportunity to brake down internal barriers (Silo Busters).
To sum it up, look at TechnoVision 2015 as your technology storytelling store: It gives you the building blocks and material to construct – with the surgical precision of a scalpel – the stories that will help you become the right digital enterprise.

Contribution by Pierre Hessler  

Part of Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2015 update series. See the overview here

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