What is the single biggest factor affecting the successful delivery of Business Process Outsourcing services?
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) now provides unprecedented levels of business value and world-class business outcomes. All driven by innovations (from relevant analytics through to the integration of new technologies) that are making the BPO landscape an increasingly complex place. Robots with almost human faces are popping up from around every corner in offices and having a greater impact on our everyday activities. Our Command Centre screens deliver almost everything from real-time business status reports to analytics-based insights with specific actions that should be taken to capitalize on business opportunities.
People: the essential ingredient
However, many discussions about BPO often miss out the most important component. They’ll spend hours discussing the technology, the analytics or the data security, but they very rarely ask about the people. This is a mistake.   
I believe that when you think about the BPO value proposition and all of its key elements, the one that really determines the ability to deliver it is the People. It is Us. Yes – it is you my dear colleague and it is me! The people that are constantly challenging the status quo and who help drive the change. We are the company’s strongest assets. We are the brains behind the value creation. We program our machines and applications. We’ll provide intelligence for your decision makers, generate value for your shareholders and our energy will power your organisation’s success.
The deciding factor in a contract
In today’s world of amazing technology, companies are increasingly turning to BPO partners who nurture top talent. The highly trained, knowledgeable elites of the new world who possess deep expertise and great technical skills as well as the human empathy and assertiveness that is so needed in sensitive human customer interactions.
The experience of people not only allows for performing tasks more efficiently but it also ignites the flame to continuously innovate and improve. This flame enables the optimal reconfiguration of the whole process in new ways, enabling the selection of relevant platforms and key technologies to generate greater shareholder value across the entire enterprise. This experience is what helps our friends – the robots – learn and imitate us, the People.
What is the role of people in a world of automation?
We the People, standardize, optimize and run the BPO businesses in the best possible way. We provide the insights thanks to the right interpretation of data and assure control by creating protocols and procedures. It is also thanks to our imagination and creativity that we can provide better control because we can imagine what can possibly go wrong…
I think that this is already and will more and more become our place: The Brains – where our combined intelligence will continuously shape the way!      
So, I propose that we the people of BPO draw inspiration from a very famous document written over 200 years ago that began with the words, “We The People…” I propose we write our own constitution to establish our purpose.

We the People of BPO promise you, our Clients, the delivery of world-class shareholder value…

  • With passion we will continue to eliminate waste …
  • We reserve the right to challenge the status quo of wrong processes and drive global standardization for the betterment of the business…
  • We will teach our friends, the robots, how to operate optimal and automated processes because they can do the repetitive work faster and more accurate than we do…
  • We in turn promise to never stop exercising our brains to question the status quo in order to continuously innovate and permanently improve!

Whether sitting on a drone personal flying transporter, collaborating with you over holophone or writing the new command for a micro-robot or micro-app, We, the People of BPO, give you one simple promise… that we will continue to ask you:  “Why are you doing this?”