As Oracle is entering more and more into the cloud era and is becoming a player in the cloud area for Software as a Service and other offerings we see a stream of updates and visions coming from Oracle. The Oracle Modern Cloud Vision consists out of three main vision values; personalized, connected and secure. If we look at previous vision values that where building up to a more cloud enabled business model from Oracle the additional value was “ready for cloud”. As Oracle is now focusing on cloud you will notice that this part is removed from a lot of already cloud based products. 
The current values; personalized, connected and secure however should be a part of the core values of most SaaS enabled solutions. Companies who do include those values as core values in their solution, when done correctly, will have the most promising solution.

Oracle cloud vision

Oracle has developed its offerings with personalized, connected and secure in mind, when developing your own cloud based or cloud enabled solutions you should also ensure they do comply with those values. 


Customers should be able to fully personalize the application. Personalization should not only be on a look and feel level, it should extend to creating specific customer reports, workflows, dashboards and possibly in-app coding extensions. 


Customers should be able to connect your application, in an open format, to other applications. Provide customers freedom to connect to other applications and to interact with them by means of open format API’s 
Ensure in all cases that your application is open, however without jeopardizing the security of your application and the data that is entrusted in the application.   
The defined values who are used by Oracle, personalized, connected and secure, are used by Oracle when developing cloud applications. Adopting them when you develop your own cloud applications or extensions to Oracle cloud applications is a best practice to follow. 

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