I still relish the sci-fi movies like Star wars which I enjoyed watching when I was young. A decade ago what seemed impossible has started happening. Yesterday, technology was at our finger tips but today we “wear” technology!

Wearables ! A fantastic value-add to today’s armamentarium of devices which make human life easier. As I come from life science background, it would be an understatement to say that science (technology) has revolutionized the human life.

Smart Contact Lens for diabetics:

Physicians depend on the blood levels of insulin to detect Diabetes. How would you react if I say that a smart contact lens may be available with microscopic sensors that can monitor the blood sugar levels of someone with diabetes, using the tears as a fluid source?
The lens has tiny sensors, a tiny processor to analyze the sample, and even a small antenna that allows it to send that data to an outside device.

Smart Pendant for senior citizens:

Senior citizens are usually very naïve about managing their health. Problems are compounded if they are victim of diseases. In the yesteryears, it was very difficult to track health of a senior citizen.

Today, we have a great wearable light weight pendant which has YC-backed wearable activity tracker and emergency response system that caters to senior citizens and their families. It uses a single button to enable two-way communication, which needs to be simply pressed in case of an emergency and it will send an email and text message to family members or caregivers.

The device uses cellular networks and its use is therefore not restricted to the home. In addition to text alerts, pressing the button on the device also allows a user to talk to a caregiver or family member. Through its onboard accelerometer, the pendant also keeps track of the user’s activities and provides daily trends and information through its dedicated online portal. The portal also allows family members to keep an eye on the device’s battery level and keep tabs on the real-time location of loved ones.

Smart Earbuds to monitor heart rate

What a marvellous idea it would be if we had some device to monitor our heart rate continuosly! It would surely give us a warning signal that our heart rate is increasing whenever we would be angry or sad or in a shock!

These earbuds have sensors inside the earpiece which can measure your heart rate. It works with an app, on which you can set a target heart rate. The device can then select the music track that suits the pace you’re working out at. The earbuds are powered by the smartphone earphone jack you plug it into.

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