I often use the London underground. Fast reliable Central Line – until this morning when the train stopped, due to a technical fault. So, here I am, stuck!

If this had happened a year ago, I would have been worried sick. But today I am not. I feel in control of my diabetes. I am wearing my Google lens, which is measuring my blood glucose levels from my tears. It connects wirelessly to my smart phone. My app processes the new readings, analyses against my integrated clinical record and tells me what I need to do. “Eat a snack “- sure, I have a few in my bag. It also notifies my GP, who will contact me if a specific intervention is needed. My mobile has no signal at the moment, so this step will need to wait for synchronisation.

Back to the present – I have been walking for over an hour and arrived at the office. Late for my first meeting, but Fitbit tells me I have done my workout. No need for my run tonight, I can work late instead.

Was it only a dream? Or a glance at the real Internet of Products that make it happen?