Recently, I had the opportunity to conduct a workshop on “How smart Telcos should leverage Big Data opportunities?” to 30+ senior-level executives from Communication Sector at NG Telecom Summit held in Berlin, Germany.


Picture of the Workshop & Capgemini Participants

The workshop began with an overview of IT spends on Big Data by the global telecom industry with reference to the  iDATE industry forecast of  the potential benefit of 60 billion Euros gained in terms of cost savings,  and a potential increased revenue of 8.4 billion Euros through new business opportunities.

The data management platform for  Networks, CRM, OSS and Billing are silos and helps the businesses limited to address  focused objectives for  each of their departments (eg: Churn Management for Sales/Marketing) not help to Telecom organization to the next level to address ever changing market situations. In this context, the criticality of building a Big Data foundation (operational, functional and technical) to bring all the data into a single platform is essential for customer experience assurance, optimization of Network/IT assets and generating new revenue opportunities.

This leads to some obvious questions:

  • Having finalized the Big Data platforms (eg: Cloudera or Hortonworks), how does one identify relevant use cases and subsequently prioritize project investments?
  • How to up-skill the software developers and DBAs in the Big Data technology and tools?
  • How can IT meet the defined SLAs running both data warehouse and Big Data platforms in parallel?
  • How do data privacy laws and regulations impact the Big Data monetization opportunities in the new cross industry (B2B) partnership space?

The discussions proceeded around Capgemini experience of working with different clients in the following areas: 

  • Data offloading to Hadoop environment to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and listing down the open source environment HDFS and MapReduce with Pentago used for one of our large retail clients
  • Hadoop platform with real time processing tools (eg: Kafka and Storm) would help in targeted marketing towards the Cable TV viewers
  • Large Tier 1 Telcos leveraging Big Data Analytics to increase self care efficiency and reduce direct calls to call center agents
  • Lab environment to simulate network analytics making use of  predictive analytics techniques like survival algorithm using R has helped to visualize the journey of next generation network performance forecast and Quality of Experience
  • Concept of Wifi monetization to share the aggregated data with B2B partners to generate additional revenue streams

Overall this summit ensured a unique opportunity to meet our existing and potential customers and understand their strategies, priorities and the future of telecom in the European market.

Pierre Blanchard (VP of Strategic Sales and Alliances), Michelle Mindala-Freeman(VP Solutions and Account Director for AT&T), Jacques Assaraf (Capgemini Consulting Telecoms Lead) and Senthil Ramachandran ( head of BIM India Telco CoE) represented Capgemini. 

To know more, you can contact Senthil Ramachandran  or Pierre Blanchard