Customers turn to their mobiles for everything, be there when they look for support

It should come as no surprise these days that people spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. I’m one of the masses that, according to recent studies, spends over 90 minutes a day on my phone. I use my phone for everything both work and personal related. 57% of people use their phone as an alarm clock and more than half default to it as their timepiece over a watch or wall clock. Given that our mobile devices are becoming irreplaceable in our daily lives, it makes sense that our phones become our go-to source for customer service.

The quest for support starts on the customer’s mobile device and often continues to other channels like voice (when people actually use their mobile phone as a phone!), desktop web, and desktop chat. Why not start and finish the customer’s quest all on the same device without making them switch channels? Being available on all channels is great and a principle I am a big believer in, but the holy grail of customer support is self-service first contact resolution. A great way to accomplish this is to enable the customer to get those answers on their mobile phone.

Providing a great mobile solution for customer service means having a platform that is easily to access, update, and support.’s Service Cloud provides a wealth of options for customer support including Answers, Communities, and Knowledge Base. It’s easy for customer support managers to provide relevant information to a searchable Community that any user can easily navigate on their mobile phone’s web browser. The ability to sort, categorize, and rate content is easy on Communities. Separate corners of the Community can be carved out by product, user base, and release. Furthermore, Communities enables customers to help other customers by answering questions and detailing their own personal experiences. This true community of both customers and company becomes the best source for support information and details on how to get the most out of their products.

Using Customer Communities based on Service Cloud data on a mobile device is a totally fine experience. However, you can build you own mobile app to take your customer’s experience to the next level. Developing a custom mobile app sounds like a daunting endeavor. Have no fear! You can create an easy to administer mobile app using the Salesforce1 mobile platform. With most of the app development legwork taken care of, you can focus on creating great content and a superior customer experience. Branding, security, and rollout are simple to accomplish using the Salesforce1 turnkey platform. Having a dedicated app allows your customers to focus on the tasks they are trying to accomplish like enabling their service, finding an answer, or paying their bill. Finally, a dedicated app gives your brand a sense of customer focus that helps build loyalty and confidence in your offerings.

No matter if you decide on the turnkey ability of a Salesforce1 app or a mobile-friendly website leveraging Service Cloud Communities, the experience and content you provide will dictate the success or failure of your support endeavor. Be smart and put the access to your support assets in the palm of your customers hands…literally…on their mobile phone.