The evolution of the outsource market has transformed over the last 15 years.  From its initial footprint as a task oriented, labor arbitrage model, outsourcing has reinvented itself into a substantial business model, providing innovative solutions to some of the most intricate business processes.  With a background in many facets of the outsource delivery model, I have had the opportunity to see this reinvention occur and over time the partnerships across our broad landscape flourish. 
Innovative companies, and the people who comprise them, see the world around them as more one of possibility than of limitation. In its most basic form, innovation focuses on creating, developing, and transforming the essentials of business, whether they are completely new solutions or improvements over existing ones. By collaboratively innovating (or co-innovating), we unlock the potential to create new opportunities such as designing new services to enable businesses to ‘digitally’ connect with their customers, while others help improve performance, competitive advantage, working capital and the employee growth derived from pride of ownership.

Whether aspiring or established, mature, innovative companies like ours do not shrink from challenges. Regardless of our market category, product or service, we realize that it is through the application of emerging technology and the challenging of commonly-held assumptions, that the creative power of the individual will be realized, knowledge harnessed, value created and possibilities made real. The innovative mindset of our Capgemini culture is apparent when you visit delivery centers, engage with solutions architects and transformational leaders, and shift from the idea that labor is all there is to outsourcing.

 We are in a new era, where technology-led market disruption is creating a different kind of competitiveness in various business segments. The question clients needs to be asking us is not one about talent and technology, rather ‘are you able to architect innovation in your organization through people?’ Innovation and BPO is not about platforms and solution sets. It’s about a cultural mindset sparked by innovation. It’s about “we” vs. “me” and the singularity effect which is harnessing all the factors of process.

My current position with our clients is one whereby I view BPO as more than simply deploying people to automate business processes. Rather, I look at what we do as being differentiated by engineering to deliver innovation through a transformative approach that sets ourselves apart from the non-BPO adopters. Collective expertise and business understanding puts us in a position to solve some of the most pressing challenges in business today.

Throughout the recession and anemic recovery that followed, successful companies in any sector – and especially in ours, the services sector – have embraced innovation to thrive in this new economic reality. While we deliver BPO solutions fueled by know-how and technology – the process is only  as powerful as the people it enables, the creativity it un-leashes and the possibilities it makes real. The key is not only embracing innovation, but internalizing it so it becomes a mindset – a ‘way of doing business’ mindset.