The PointZERO® vision provides the processes and tools to drive quality from point zero of the software delivery lifecycle, and not – as in most organizations – from the beginning of the test phase. If the collaboration between the development team and the QA team begins early, as much as 90% of the desired software functionality will be available when the business is ready— rather than 50%, which is the normal scenario.
When does your organization start with testing?
Within PointZERO®, you need to add quality measurements early in the application lifecycle (instead of checking quality in the end, during the testing phase). This results in better requirement assessment, design, and implementation, which will prevent rework.
To manage the quality measurements, managers have to focus and work with three principles to gain control: 
  • Fit for purpose: You must do what needs to be done. Quality cannot be tested in the end.
  • Right the first time: Quality measures needed to be implemented early.
  • No faults forward: People are fallible – find mistakes early. Implement quality gates between activities in the application lifecycle to prevent defects (remove the defects when they occur). 
In the next part of implementing the PointZero® vision, I will outline the Application Lifecycle Model of PointZero®.