Mobile Device Management (MDM) is currently a hot topic. More and more corporations and organizations are equipping their workforces with mobile devices. Different types of workers utilize their mobile devices in different ways. Some use them mostly for calls, e-mail and internet access, while some also bring sensitive corporate files, documents and corporate apps in and outside of office locations. In both of these cases, security plays an important part to safeguard the organization from external threats posed by risks in the outside environment. When allowing the usage of mobile devices in an organization, it is important to safeguard the devices in relation to the risks involved. Features such as password protection, encryption, security policies and the possibility to trace and remotely wipe a device that has been lost can all help to minimize the risks that the organization accidentally suffers from unintended information leakages.
In addition to managing devices and the security aspect within the organization, Mobile Device Management is also about enabling solutions to facilitate the daily work done by the employees when using mobile devices. By providing out-of-the-box solutions for efficiently managing and sharing internal files and documents within the organization, distributing corporate and third-party mobile apps, providing suggestions to employees on third-party apps for download and the ability to remotely trigger updates of these apps when new versions are released, organizations have a user-friendly and efficient way for enabling the use of mobile devices. Mobile Secure can be utilized for these purposes as well.
I wouldn’t dare to equip my workforce with mobile devices without a mobile secure solution. How about you?