“Hands and minds,” a skill required by skilled craftsman to make beautiful pots. It is the same for executives and managers who are implementing a successful information supply. Our action wisdom is not something we can simply buy or create quickly. It is something we develop over the years, if we are passionate about improving the execution of existing strategies, not just applying new ones.
It is like the potter—if he makes bad pots; he will have difficulty selling them as they will look ugly and may leak. The potter will not be successful if he shifts to making bowls! But, if he is already successful in making beautiful pots, he could easily shift to making beautiful bowls as he knows his craft.
It is the same within the area of information supply—maximized information-based business value demands an effective system of people, structures, and technology; and you have to integrate strategies, business, and technology functions for smooth implementation of information supply. In Capgemini, we call that system Business Information Management, or just BIM. The Information Strategy sets the direction for the entire system by strongly linking it to your business strategy. You have to select unique and valuable resources/activities which are not possible to copy, substitute, or deselect. That will make a difference and increase the value of the information-based business.
So, ladies and gentlemen! The key is to achieve a balance between strategies, and operation and functional integration, as well as between business and IT; and not just applying new strategies.
Houston will still be called for a while, but business needs to develop a strategic steering of the information supply, not just order new strategies to balance that. This is, of course, a part of the story, but not the whole story. I will continue telling the story about BIM and will also tweet about the subject. Watch out for my next post on how you can measure the strategic and functional fitness of your business.
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