There is, or rather, should be a time in every new hires’ career where they want to take on more responsibility. On top of taking that responsibility, they would also want a promotion. The whole promotion process can seem an ambiguous or daunting. However, here are Capgemini, we have a defined process for going up for promotion.
This article going into the process of finding out how you know when you are ready, and the steps you need to, and should take in order to make sure it’s successful.
How do I know I am ready?
The first thing to note is that everyone is different. Typically it takes around 2-3 years to get promoted from a Staff to a Senior Consultant. Personally, I’ve seen some get promoted in 9 months and I’ve seen others take 4 years. This is because unlike many companies, at Capgemini, you have to officially apply for promotion and prove your case.
 This is powerful because it allows you to go up when you think you are ready and it also allows you to take charge of your career.
With all that in mind, there is one outstanding question you may ask, and that is “how do I know that I am ready?” And to answer that, you need to ask yourself this question.
“Are you already acting like a Senior Consultant?”
 If you can answer that question as a definite ‘yes,’ then that will be a good sign that you are ready to get started on the process.
Timeline for Promotion:
 There two opportunities to go up for promotion during the year; that is during the mid year, around the time of the midyear evaluations, and at the End of year.
It is recommended that you should get started with the promotion preparations a year in advance.
Once you have formally submitted all of your information for promotion, it will be discussed in a round table discussion, which consists of upper management in your business unit.
First steps:
One of first things you should do when you are getting ready for promotion is to start documenting how and why you think you are ready. Examples of that can be:
·         Are you leading a team?
·         Are you involved in sales?
·         Is your utilization High?
·         Are your deliverables of a high quality?
·         Are you getting recognition from your client or managers for your work?
Once you get this laid out, present that information to you people manager. More will be discussed about that in the promotion form section.
Getting Support
The head of operations in my department put it perfectly when she said “No one should be surprised to hear your name in the promotion round tables.”The point is that everyone should know that you are going up for promotion and when.

The first person you should talk to is your people manager. Your people manager will not only guide you through the process, but will be your biggest advocate. It is important to keep them in the loop and be proactive with them.

The next people who should know are from your project. Let your team lead, your project manager, your engagement manager, the principal and vice presidents know that you are going up. Also make sure you ask for their support. On top of getting their support, this will allow them to estimate any projects cost differences that may happen by your promotion.
It is very likely that they will be at the round teams to speak on your behalf. If they are not comfortable with you going up, find out exactly why. This may be something you can work on throughout the year.

Once you have reached out to them, it never hurts to let other people know; other VPs in the organization or even the head of your Service line.

Skills Guide:
The HTEC Service Line has a skills guide that they ask for all people who are going up to the next level.

I would recommend that even if you are not in HTEC, it would be good to go through it, and to even attempt to answer the questions. Even if there are some industry specific questions that may not apply to you, I encourage you to translate that question to the industry that you are in and answer it anyways.

In addition to showing that you are going beyond what is needed for promotion, this will also be a great indicator that you are ready for the next level.
Ask your Resource Manager where you can get this deck.

Promotion Form:
There is a promotion form that you will have to fill out as well, which asks you to point out what you are specifically doing or have done that shows you are ready for promotion. This is when having those tangle points about why you are ready will come in handy (Refer to the ‘first steps’ section of this article).

Once written, I recommend you have your people managers and others take a look at it and give feedback where need.

What if I don’t get promoted?
If you don’t get promoted, they will tell you exactly why. Take this as a learning experience and make a point act on the items they have laid out so that you can go up in the next round.

Final Thoughts:
You are in control of your career. So when you think you are ready, make sure you get the necessary support and give notice so that you ensure you that is it successful.
And Good Luck!
–          Harrison Wiener