The interesting industry report  The Ericsson Mobility Report 2014: shares the following notable forecast.

  • 6.3 billion mobile subscription globally
  • 10x increase in smart phone traffic
  • 13x increase in video traffic on mobile and 50% mobile traffic pertains to video
  • 4G (LTE-Advanced) deployment in countries like South Korea, Australia and USA will generate opportunities for HD Voice and efficient video delivery with high Quality of Services

It implies significant increase in data volume, structured & unstructured data sources, real time data out of mobile devices, network, subscribers, enterprise customers, signalling and applications

It is an exciting space for the Business Information Management stakeholders in any organizations to build their roadmap to start their big data transformation journey.

Currently Telecom IT/Business Information Management leaders are assessing the current landscape from the following perspective to have strong foundation for the big data transformation journey:

  • Total cost of data verses the profitability of traditional services – Voice and messaging
  • Cost benefit analysis of BI and analytics for high revenue generating product and service offering and bundling
  • Real value of “yesterday syndrome” based on social media comments, views and recommendations
  • Correlation between contact center data against public views expressed in social media
  • Changing role of analytics to help increase the revenue and reduce customer churn
  • Role of business intelligence and analytics in cross industry collobration to have additional revenue streams
  • Build in analytics capabilities in emerging technologies like 4G service which offers video analytics, mobile advertisements and location based services

We at Capgemini engaged with global customer to assess the current landscape customer to prepare transformation roadmap & strategy, TCO and implementation plan.

Organizations that invest in Big data transformation journey today will be big data-enabled in 2 to 3 years time. These organizations will be ready to reap the  intended benefit of Big data and take on the challenges within the fiercely competitive telecom market.