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If you’re a new hire on the bench, more likely than not, you will be asked to work on a pursuit sooner or later. If not, you should ask to participate in a pursuit. If you’re currently unfamiliar with pursuits, I promise, after your first encounter with one, you will never forget it. Pursuit teams […]

If you’re a new hire on the bench, more likely than not, you will be asked to work on a pursuit sooner or later. If not, you should ask to participate in a pursuit. If you’re currently unfamiliar with pursuits, I promise, after your first encounter with one, you will never forget it. Pursuit teams are formed when an RFP (‘Request for Proposal’) is sent out by a client and Capgemini is invited to respond in the form of a proposal to win the bid. Typically, these proposals will be due about two weeks after the issuance of the RFP. The proposal will include answers to all client questions contained in the RFP, in addition to materials such as the proposed solution, the program timeline and resource staffing model, resumes, pricing information, methodology, deliverables, and assumptions, amongst many other things. Typically, the complexity and quick turnaround time of pursuits require the assembly of a dedicated team to work on the response document.

However, many times this means that an executive such as principal or VP will be given the task of Pursuit Lead, will be held responsible for the final proposal content, will still be expected to tend to his or her daily tasks/other projects, and is ultimately the person who owns that win or loss. Members of the pursuit team are also busy with other things. Although most pursuit teams try to assemble early and plan ahead, oftentimes the proposal document is changed and everything is put together in the final days. This results in a mad dash to the finish line, complete with early mornings, late nights, and several coffee runs.

In an effort to lessen the pressure on Pursuit Teams, improve the quality of Capgemini Responses, and improve our overall Win rate, a new internal team called the Top Line Team was formed. This team officially kicked off April 1st, and its members function as full-time pursuit support. I now work as a proposal writer on this team. In addition to two proposal writers, our team is also has three bid managers, a creative services team, industry brand specialists, the offshore proposal factory/proposal support group, and offshore creative services resources.

Our team is bringing change to the way we win business here at Capgemini. With a recent influx of many large-scale deals coming through, our team’s workload is steadily increasing. As our team is relatively small as of now, the workload can become quite large and our team members are always looking for extra support. This is where new hires come into the picture. I would like to challenge each of you to make an effort to get involved on at least one pursuit this year. Not only will this show your commitment to our organization’s Top Line initiatives, but it will also provide you with a wealth of benefits. Here are five great reasons why YOU should get involved on a Pursuit Team as a new hire:
1)      Do you want to further your skills in Excel, Word, and PPT? Do you enjoy research, writing, editing, and learning more about our knowledge management tools? Do you want to learn more about what clients care about when entering into an IT Transformation program? You can do all of these things as a member of a Pursuit Team.
2)      Do you want to network with VPs, principals, sales executives, and other senior employees? Do you want to have the chance to lessen their workload by taking on a few simple tasks? If you want to leave a good and long-lasting impression on an influential person in Capgemini, this is one of the easiest ways to do so J
3)      Have you ever wondered how we staff projects? Propose a particular solution? Decide on a price? On pursuits, you can observe our Staffing Tool and EFFORT/GREAT models in action, as well as engage with our Solutioning Team, giving you a greater insight into how we do business here at Capgemini.
4)      A pursuit gives you the chance to learn more about a specific company and industry, which is always cool.
5)      Working on a pursuit, and doing the work well, gives you an excellent opportunity to receive an Assignment Appraisal for Mid- and End-Year Review. You can learn valuable skills that not only prepare you for project delivery, but also support your goals and objectives.
If you are interested in getting involved on a Sales Pursuit Team, please feel free to reach out to me at savannah.allan@capgemini.com. There is always valuable work that needs to be done on our large number of pursuits. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities for you, as a new hire, to benefit just as much (if not more) as our team will from your involvement.
If you want to find out more about the Sales Pursuit Process and the Top Line team, please visit the Apps NA Top Line Connection Portal.
Cheers and happy selling!
Savannah Allan
Proposal Writer | Top Line Team | Houston, TX

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