Having access to mobile apps in the enterprise can feel a bit like a dog on a leash: you can see the opportunity to run wild, but often there’s someone holding you back.
Mobility has the potential to unleash a wave of creativity that is unprecedented. Today there is a mobile app for pretty much anything, as Apple’s slogan is at pains to point out. Not all apps are safe, of course, but many are such fun or so useful that employees will want to download them to the same devices they use for work applications. And, given the chance, they will do so regardless of enterprise data integrity.
The challenge for enterprises is to tap into the business benefits of mobile apps while managing their usage. Policing and restricting the use of mobile apps can feel to employees like that dog on a leash, particularly if your company has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy in place.
But companies can take their own measures to secure the way enterprise data is accessed and stored without holding users back. For example, enterprises should consider curated Enterprise App Stores and mobile app management systems that enable employees to use approved enterprise apps while keeping control of their usage.
Of course, it shouldn’t end with app store deployment. CIOs need to provide mechanisms for employee feedback, enabling them to assess satisfaction and usage behavior. Categorization of apps, end-user support, and maintenance and retirement of apps can also become challenges if they are not properly addressed through the right governance and strategy.
The consensus seems to be that within a few years one quarter of all enterprises worldwide will have an enterprise app store for managing corporate-sanctioned apps on PCs and mobile devices. Also, analysts believe that bring your own application (BYOA) has become as important as bring your own device (BYOD) in the development of a comprehensive mobile strategy, and that the trend toward BYOA is having a direct impact on desktop and Web applications. What’s more, they consider the adoption of mobile device management (MDM) by enterprises as key to driving adoption of enterprise app stores.
MDM solutions do not have to be costly and difficult to implement, either. For as little as one euro (1.11 USD) per device, our MDM solution based on cloud-based infrastructure from market-leaders Amazon Web Services and SAP can be up and running in as little as 15 minutes.
Go on! Let your employees unleash that creativity.​