Consumers are changing how they consume their content, the bread and butter of the media and entertainment industry.  Fewer of us are watching the latest shows on television and going to the movie theatre for the next blockbuster, and with social and mobile, the industry is facing an increasingly complex network that needs to be managed.  The reality is that media and entertainment companies need to focus on changing technology and consumer behaviors as they look for new ways to drive revenue, reduce costs and become more agile.
For the CFO’s of these companies, their core agenda is comprised of four components – Margins, Revenue, Controls and Working Capital, and when we address the first component, Margins, outsourcing with the right partner can provide the much-needed catalyst for growth and transformation.  While those in the C-suite need resources to drive efficiencies in non-core operations while freeing up staff to focus on core business value drivers, they also need to find the “right” partner to support these endeavors. The right partner essentially brings a qualified team armed with the relevant tools and a track record of success, and as proven time and time again, only those using a global BPO provider with an internal shared service center can bring scale and benefits that a captive-only solution cannot achieve.
Sometimes companies view transformation and partnering with a BPO as high risk – it’s a big change and a journey that can take years.  We need to show them that today’s outsourcing model has long past moved beyond simple labor arbitrage and is now focused on bringing an end-to-end solution that includes much-needed platforms and infrastructure. There is no reason why media and entertainment companies should believe that the only way to be successful is to do it on their own – as experience has taught us, building systems is expensive and time consuming, and by the time a studio or network builds what they need, the system is probably out of date.
In fact, all the studios are dealing with the same issue, similar customers and same channels. We bring a proven track record of success on the CFO agenda in delivering BPO services. This includes our Global Enterprise Model that brings the right people with the right tools delivering on the right processes.  We go across the board and bring cloud technologies that the industry as a whole can use. We provide the solutions so that our clients have access to the improvements they need.  We put into place standardized processes and governance to optimize the bottom line, and we drive this faster than companies can ever hope to achieve on their own. 
Only with the Capgemini Global Enterprise Model are we able to provide media and entertainment companies with proven solutions that can reduce costs, transform the business, and drive improvements.  Our team of qualified specialists works with CFO’s and controllers to address the CFO agenda.
Transforming requires a disciplined approach and a deep understanding of the business, both of which Capgemini brings to the table.