All this week, Capgemini is celebrating our diversity during one of our key annual focus weeks, People Culture Week. The timing is no coincidence as we build up to Saturday’s International Women’s Day.
While the campaign is primarily an internal one, we have been blogging about various aspects of diversity and today (he said excitedly) we are taking to the Twittersphere for a public discussion on unconscious bias.
Pulling together the content for our focus weeks is always an arduous but extraordinarily educational process and never more so than this year’s People Culture Week. Much of the messaging and thought leadership has been developed by my esteemed colleague Janet Pope. Janet has established a clear and comprehensive definition of corporate diversity that will help shape our policies for some time to come. As with all great perspectives, Janet’s take on ‘diversity of thought’ is so obvious, one wonders why it isn’t a de facto corporate position.
Janet’s doctrine is that we demonstrate thought leadership through our expression of diversity and inclusion believing that diversity also includes dimensions such as experience, personality, communication and working styles – all part of diversity of thought. Our differences are a source of innovation and inspiration. Inclusion means having a working culture where our diversity is valued enabling us to generate new ideas, anticipate market trends, and be thought leaders in our chosen markets. This enables us to regard diversity and inclusion as both a strategic advantage and an ongoing opportunity.
Diversity is an important component of our overall Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability programme which reaches inwards to our people as well as outwards to our client, the community and the environment – all of which is explained further in our Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability brochure downloadable here.
Twitter: Wednesday 5th March, 11:00am to 12:00noon EST
Jeffery Smith of @NxtGenDiversity will moderate a discussion on unconscious bias. Join us @capgemini #c4crs