This week at Capgemini, we are celebrating our diversity with a week-long agenda of activities across our regions. Guest blogger Vasan Srinivasan writes about the valuable lessons learnt following his attendance at an equality and inclusion conference.

I had the privilege of attending a recent ENEI (Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion) event on the role of accessible ICT to support flexible working. This affair of like-minded individuals sharing a passion for improving IT Accessibility reinforced and enhanced my own views. I learnt from my counterparts in other organisations and I daresay they learnt something from me, and this is what the event was all about.
Following the event, I can synopsise the key steps necessary for any organisation with ambitions to be disability-smart:
·         Sponsorship at the top – the organisations that are head and shoulders above the rest have their CEOs championing disability.
·         Don’t avoid the topic – tackle it! In the UK, for example, 2% of the working population becomes disabled every year, this affects all employers!
·         Understand where your organisation stands in terms of its maturity as a disability-smart entity
·         Raise awareness of disability within your organisation and ensure your people policies are fully inclusive
I’m excited that many of the evangelists I met at the accessible IT event say they are often working with members of their board. Organisations are becoming increasingly disability-smart, the technology that makes services accessible is ever-more sophisticated. It’s easier than ever to introduce assistive technology to help staff and customers with a disability, and it invariably benefits other users too. Business Disability Forum members have access to tools such as the Accessibility Maturity Model  to help create a plan to get to what good looks like for their organisation. And my Assistive Technology Services unit at Capgemini supports any stage of the life-cycle, from accessibility health-checks, education for developers and system testing, to providing a managed service.

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Vasan Srinivasan is an experienced strategic thinker and manager, whose career spans 26 years in IT working in a variety of roles spanning IT Strategy, Service Management, Operations and Application Development. He is currently the Delivery Director for Capgemini’s Assistive Technology service.