Many of my customers are still skeptic about the usefulness of mobile devices and applications; understandably so. For decades, IT managers have worked hard to keep their IT environment in check, only to see things run rapidly out of control. As if someone left open all the doors, allowing everyone free access to their systems. No wonder that some CIOs break out in a cold sweat when they hear about  Bring Your Own Device, Cloud, Google, Apple and successful niche parties. It doesn’t bear thinking about what would happen if valuable data falls into the wrong hands, only because someone left behind his mobile in a train.

Still, mobility is the new reality, and there is no way that your organisation can avoid dealing with it. That is, of course you may decide to simply not join the bandwagon. But the risks involved in that are immeasurably larger, because it would really mean that you close the door on your customers, partners and coworkers. They demand 24/7 online availability, with the device that serves their purposes best. Avoidance, then, is not a viable option. Still, your concern is well-founded. You are eager to join new developments, but you don’t want to compromise your smartphone and tablet policy and the security of crucial information. Plus, you lack the funds for a large investment, so a new solution should also be well-priced.

With these factors in mind, Capgemini, Amazon Web Services and SAP have joined forces to develop a solution that is both well-thought-out and easy to use: Mobile Secure MDM. It’s a secure, scalable and very budget-friendly, subscription-based solution for organisations that use 25 or more mobile devices. And I challenge you to give it a test drive, because we have thought of everything. Including that forgotten mobile phone lying around in some train. Mobile Secure MDM gives you remote access to your devices, allowing you to turn them off or to remove sensitive software. You can even remote manage application access rights and upgrade software on any device you can think of. Real time reports provide you with insight into use and access of your devices.

The prices? 1 euro per device per month! That’s about the price of a hamburger. That hamburger, however, is only of use to you; Mobile Secure MDM grants your whole organisation safe access to critical corporate systems. If you click the link , you will get a free one month trial of Mobile Secure MDM.

Still in doubt? Consider this: IT is sometimes like a handful of sand. The harder you squeeze, the more sand you lose. Be critical of the security of you IT environment, but don’t isolate it from your users. Give new technoogies a chance! You won’t be disappointed.