As our People Culture week draws to a close, Guest blogger, Janet Pope – our People Culture Lead for Group CR&S – summarizes a week of though-provoking publications and activities that set out to (and, we think, achieved ) our diversity.

We are almost at the end of our Group Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) People Culture Week, a global Capgemini initiative to celebrate the diversity of our 130,000 team members across more than 40 countries.  In the past we’ve celebrated Gender Diversity Week at this time each year, but decided to expand our scope in 2014 to be better aligned with our overall People Culture – Diversity & Inclusion objectives.  This year’s theme ‘Celebrating our Diversity’ showcased initiatives, thought leadership, and success stories fostering inclusiveness from around the Group.

Our 2014 People Culture Week began as we closed Black History Month in North America and will end with International Women’s Day on Saturday, March 8th

  • We launched the week with an internal video message from the global campaign’s executive sponsor Hubert Giraud, Group Management Board Member and Director of People Management and Transformation, followed by leaders’ perspectives across the Group on the business value of diversity.
  1. Midweek, we focused on unconscious bias and the judgments our brains make in everyday business decisions by engaging with expert Joe Gerstandt on Twitter. Thank you to everyone who followed #C4CRS (Capgemini for CR&S) on Twitter.
  • All week our internal global and regional Talent sites featured news on a range of diversity topics.  We spotlighted our Employee Resource Groups (or networks) like Women@Capgemini and OUTfront internally and externally.
  • A number of people-centric events also took place at the regional levels, from International Women’s Day celebrations, to culturally diverse pot luck lunches, to panel discussions with CEOs across our Strategic Business Units… it was exciting to see the level of engagement all week. 
  • To close our global events Hubert Giraud, our Global Head of CR&S, James Robey, and I connected with peers across the Group for a global YamChat (Yammer is our internal social media tool) where diversity and inclusion comments, questions, and insights were shared.    

“People Matter, Results Count” is what we live with our clients on a daily basis.  This week has provided time to reflect on how we’ll continue to execute in our day to day on the ‘People Matter’ component of our tagline.  Diversity and Inclusion is a significant part of our People Culture. 
We prove our commitment to this through:

  • what we deliver by providing innovative solutions
  • how we deliver by engaging with an approach that is collaborative and inclusive
  • the people who deliver by utilizing the collective brain power of our diverse teams 

While we focused on a celebration of people culture this week, our efforts to continue to be a company that values diversity and inclusion will not end after the last International Women’s Day hurrah.  Enjoy International Women’s Day and live inclusion through your day to day actions.

Janet Pope joined Capgemini in 2005 and has extensive experience across the Group. Janet is a thought leader in the field of diversity and inclusion and has been instrumental in defining Capgemini’s broad and differentiating approach to diversity. Janet is a key member of the Group Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) team and leads the North American Diversity and Inclusion team.