CEM – the main driver for IT investment this year?

Customer experience is often subjective: Two diners can eat the same meal in the same restaurant and have very different experiences based on their expectations. By the same token, end-users can have very different expectations of Telco and over-the-top (OTT) service providers, which have very different business models.
 Telco customers tend to churn for better prices, better network coverage and higher speeds. OTT players such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, on the other hand, have been able to rely on customers to advocate and spread the use of their services.

Nevertheless, Telcos have many advantages when it comes to creating customer experiences that can increase loyalty and usage. And they are already investing to make the most of them.

Customer experience management (CEM) is set to be the main driver of Telco IT investments in 2014, according to Ovum’s latest ICT Enterprise Insights report. That investment will focus on telecoms infrastructure (cloud platforms, server virtualization, and BSS/OSS systems to support LTE implementations), and online channels to support the move towards digital lifestyles, says Ovum.

Telcos can draw on data detailing customers’ network and service use both to better target pricing plans and individual services, and to create profitable partnerships with third parties.

Indeed, business intelligence and advanced analytics will be key areas of investment for operators: over 80% of the 6,500 senior CIOs and other IT decision-makers interviewed by Ovum in 60 countries said they will deploy these at the network level to improve the customer experience. http://ovum.com/press_releases/ovum-reveals-customer-experience-management-is-a-telco-it-priority-for-2014-as-investment-centres-on-network-and-service-policy-management/

By taking an innovative yet pragmatic approach to enhancing the customer experience, Telcos can create a flexible platform to better predict and manage individual expectations.

By implementing policy management tools, and operational support services that apply controls at the individual subscriber level, Telcos have the chance to truly customize the user experience.

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