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Hello & Welcome to Capgemini!
If there is one thing I have definitely learned since joining Capgemini in June of this year, it is that this company treats new hires extremely well and genuinely cares about our success. In particular, the new campus hire program is phenomenal. As a new campus hire myself and someone who just finished the nine-week onboard training program, I can attest to the investment and commitment Capgemini makes to all of us as new hires.

To give you an idea of what the new campus hire training program is like, here’s a general schedule:

·         Introduction to Capgemini (week 1)
·         Collaborating with Clients Workshop & Case Study (week 2)
·         SAP module-specific training in India (weeks 3-7)
·         Session on Capgemini’s project methodology, iSAP (week 8)
·         Final Presentation & Case Study (week 9)

It is amazing the transformation you will undergo over the course of nine weeks! The first two weeks seemed to blow by and they definitely provided a great introduction to what Capgemini is all about. The second week introduces new hires to Capgemini’s collaborative model through a case study and final presentation. 

The five weeks in India provide an amazing, unique and cultural experience. We were able to learn more about our day-to-day jobs and how to work with our offshore counterparts. Needless to say, some of the best times of training happened during this period and it is an experience I will never forget. 

The last two weeks bring the final element of training to the table. Learning about Capgemini’s methodology and accelerators showed us why we are different from our competitors. The final presentation and case study challenged new hires to work together in teams to solve a specific business case, applying all of the knowledge they obtain in the previous eight weeks and presenting their solution to clients. Although the last week can be stressful, it is meant to wrap up training while giving new hires exposure to real life project situations.

Although I enjoyed each section of onboard training, I would have to say that weeks 8 & 9 were my personal favorites for many reasons. Here are my TOP 3:

#1) Location, Location, Location! Going from chaotic land of spices and crowds that is India, it was refreshing to set foot in one of the greatest American cities (CHICAGO) immediately upon arriving in America. Although we were there for work, we did enjoy our fair share of good times. Some of our highlights included eating very delicious food (Chicago is one of the best places to EAT), sightseeing at some of the top Chicago destinations (Sears Tower, Navy Pier, Lakeshore Drive, Lincoln Park, etc.), enjoying the change of weather (going from hot and humid India to very nice weather), and bonding even more with each other in a great city. 

#2) Integration. This is a word you will hear used a lot at Capgemini. Integration, in the case of weeks 8 & 9, refers to a final wrap-up of everything you learn throughout training. Nine weeks sounds like a really long time to be training, and believe me, it can feel that way at times. However, the last two weeks (the very last week, in particular) ensure that new hires recall all of the information they obtained throughout the experience. Not only does it require you to review what you’ve already learned, but the last two weeks also introduce you to new material and new situations. It encourages you to approach situations in a cross-functional and comprehensive manner. Rather than having each person focus on his or her specific module of study, the program challenges new hires to seek out information and learn from their peers and fellow colleagues in order to understand unfamiliar subjects and situations.  

#3) The pressure. New hires are given an unfamiliar case, divided into teams of people with various areas of focus, and asked to present a comprehensive solution in a short amount of time. Capgemini employees serve as clients throughout the week, testing the team and guiding them through real-life situations. On the last day, teams come together to present their cases to the clients as well as some of Capgemini’s senior leadership. Constructive feedback is given during this session and throughout the week. While this week is most certainly full of challenges and pressure, it is extremely valuable and definitely gives new hires some insight into real-life client situations.
I hope you all enjoy the new campus hire onboard training program, and especially those awesome last two weeks! Best of luck!
Savannah Allan
New Hire Class – June 2013

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