Welcome to Capgemini!

I would like to share with you two tips that helped me throughout my career at Capgemini.

The first one is Network, Network and Network. In consulting, networking is key and will be very beneficial for your career in the long run.
When you first get hired as a Staff Consultant, chances that you will be on the bench are quite high and it can get frustrating. Use this precious time to get as much training as possible and to network. Go to every Capgemini Connects event, go to your home office on a daily basis and ask people how you could help them. It is important to stay in contact with your People Manager and your Resource Manager.

I personally landed two projects simply from networking. Managers knows that you are a new hire and that your technical skills are not very developed yet, so you can make a difference by showing your dedication, passion and enthusiasm. IT WILL PAY OFF!!

Managers will take you along with them on different projects if you showed dedication and hard work. VP’s may ask you to assist them on pursuits work.

My second piece of advice is to enjoy your free time. Consulting work can get very stressful at times and you might have to work late nights to get the job done-  just don’t forget about yourself.

During a project in Houston, my team worked until 10 or 11 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays but we would stop at 8 pm on Wednesdays and go out and enjoy some free time with the team. I had the chance to go to a Houston Rocket- Lakers NBA game and an Andrea Bocelli‘s concert.

Enjoy this free time and take a break from your work routine. You’ll notice that taking time for yourself will help you be more efficient on the client site and will help you get adjusted to all the beautiful cities that you are about to enjoy during your journey in consulting.

Good luck!