After the Sunday afternoon OOW keynote it might not feel as such, but you should not forget that Customer Experience is about the customer.
I’ll tell you what I mean…

In the IT industry people tend to loose themselves in Terabytes, the number of MHz per second, that the system is now 10 times faster and those kind of things. Although these elements are very relevant, eventually Customer Experience is about the customer and making sure he or she gets the right and most relevant offer, the best customer service and is rewarded for his loyalty.

I was actually triggered by watching “the internship” on my flight to San Francisco to write this blog. Clearly it is a movie about the IT industry and how things work in there, but it’s also clear that at the end of the day, technology is absolutely not the only thing that counts, not even by far!
For those that didn’t see the movie it’s about two guys with no technical skills at all joining in an internship program at Google, and the finally get to work at Google.

Like I said having the best performance is absolutely relevant in a lot of cases for customer experience. For instance when you want to use analytics to determine in realtime what the best possible offers are for a customer who is in you web-shop. You will want to use every single piece of customer information available within your IT landscape, but also through social media and even third parties and determine the most relevant offer in split seconds.

My point is however, it should always be absolutely clear how you want to be relevant to your customer, let’s say “why a customer should choose your company, product or service” in order to create that customer experience. It will be the only way, and we studied it to really get value out of a good all-channel experience for your company. Once you determine that, you then start crafting the accompanying IT Solution as well as developing the correct organisation to support this customer experience.

If you want to know more on how we apply our methodologies for making All-Channel Experience real for our customer in specific industries?

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