We’re bringing an exciting new public sector solution to Oracle Open World this week. Called EnablesWel it is especially relevant as more and more government agencies seek out smart solutions for dealing with their administrative or information-based activities.

I’m convinced that EnablesWel is going to play an important role in enabling the modernization, digitization and transformation of today’s welfare agencies.

It’s a modernization that has to happen – and fast. Why? Because the overwhelming pressure to manage an increasing volume of welfare payments and rises in unemployment insurance spending has made the current welfare models unfit for purpose.

So what’s so special about EnablesWel? Let’s start with what it actually is. We’ve developed it in partnership with Oracle and Prosodie-Capgemini to provide a range of ready-to-use assets supporting the automation of repeatable processes. These can settle 95%-98% of all standard welfare claims automatically. This automation is key to helping welfare agencies do more with reduced budgets.

From an Oracle perspective, EnablesWel contains the Oracle Customer Relationship Management and Content Management technologies to deliver a 360° view of the citizen at every point of interaction with the welfare state. This is in line with the UK Government’s Digital by Default agenda that aims to get public agencies to strengthen their focus on customer-centric service design and exploit new technologies.

A 360° view of the citizen will enable more personalized interaction and help to meet rising citizen expectations. Welfare agencies will settle claims faster than ever, increase their throughput of claims, notifications and updates, and perform real-time processing of citizen interactions.

The Oracle technologies incorporated in EnablesWel provide new generation interfaces for civil servants to facilitate this efficiency. They replace the commonly used redundant and unresponsive interfaces.

Is it any wonder that I’m looking forward to showcasing WelEnabale at Open World?

Visit us on the Capgemini booth #911 in the Moscone South Exhibit Hall to find out how EnablesWel is driving Digital by Default.