Government spending is under pressure yet the same economic turbulence that has caused governments to tighten their purse strings has also brought acute social hardship for many people. The net result is that an individual welfare agency in Europe can handle more than 50,000 citizen interactions each day. These range from child benefit and disability allowance to unemployment claims and healthcare provision.

With such a large volume of customer contact, the challenge is to process each interaction as efficiently and accurately as possible. This is exacerbated by the proliferation of channels by which citizens and government agencies interact. This creates huge amounts of information and big data within the enterprise, all of which needs to be effectively managed.

This demands new approaches to managing welfare provision, innovative data services, and new partnerships between government and service providers. Oracle Open World is the perfect venue to showcase a new solution embracing these new approaches.

Developed by Capgemini in partnership with Oracle and Prosodie-Capgemini, EnablesWel provides a repeatable solution for efficient core processes, giving an enhanced citizen and civil servant experience. It supports the automation of repeatable processes and can settle 95%-98% of all standard welfare claims automatically. This clearly plays to need for government agencies to do more with less.

But it goes much further than operational efficiency. EnablesWel has been designed so that welfare agencies can digitally transform and modernize their systems without scrapping existing technologies to interface with new channels, such as online, mobile, etc. And procurement can be broken up so that critical requirements are met first without the need to procure an end-to-end system in one go.

This is clearly a dynamic response to changing welfare administration volumes: one that gives welfare agencies the flexibility to scale up without increasing internal manpower.

Visit us on Stand #911, in the Moscone South Exhibit Hall at Oracle Open World to find out how EnablesWel’s digitized processes ease interaction between governments and citizens.