My client, Grønneviken AS, a production service company that aims and provide people with different needs an opportunity to get work, recently showed me how business and corporate responsibility can go hand in hand.
Usually the book publishers pay large amounts to get rid of their books, while they at the same time pay additional fees for non-recyclable materials. Fortunately for everyone, instead of handing over paper to waste treatment plants, my client Grønneviken takes over the publisher’s paper and separates the book binders (containing glue) from rest of the book that accounts for approximately 4% waste, while rest of the paper is later on sold to another company for recycling. 
Each year, Grønneviken treats about 70 ton of paper, meaning that they have employed 7 workers with special needs and by that stating an example of corporate social responsibility, while at the same time adding value to the environment by recycling 67 ton of paper, equivalent to 1100 saved trees.
Being the responsible company they are, performing economically, Grønneviken AS is also acting on social and environmental issues, adding business value within and outside of their own organization.