I hope you are familiar with our Application Landscape Report? The 2011 edition provided a lot of useful insights around the state of the nation of typical application portfolios within major organizations across the world. To us, one of the most striking conclusions was that although most organizations clearly recognize the need for application rationalization and modernization, only a few managed to actually execute on their vision.

Among the inhibitors mentioned were a lack of actual insight into the portfolio, problems in getting business buy-in, the inability to create a compelling business case and in general simple fear of touching existing, legacy applications. The report created lots of discussions with our clients, and in the past two years we have seen many of them making stepwise, but steady progress.

High time for an update, as we suspect that some changes should be notable.

After all, the cloud has come of age and with it comes a next generation of solution options. The business is closer to IT than it has been for a long time and digital transformation expects a flexible, up-to-date application landscape to enable it, not to stop it.

As we rely a bit more on social media this time to get input for the report, your collaboration would be highly appreciated. It only takes a few minutes to go through the survey.  And it might turn out to be quality time for yourself as well, as it addresses some of the most important questions any organization should ask when looking at its application portfolio.

What I am personally interested in, is to learn to what extent organizations nowadays consider more impactful, extreme scenarios for application rationalization and renewal. In their recent paper ‘Market Trends: New Imperatives for Application Modernization to Support Business-Led Value”, Gartner referred to this as the Contrarian View. I like to think that they introduced the concept after an elaborate discussion we had with their analysts a few months ago in preparation of their paper.

We expressed our belief that the new catalogue of SaaS enterprise applications (low-cost, highly standardized, easy to implement, rich functionality) will seduce more organizations to simply replace some of their existing applications with new, cloud-based ones. This way, they bypass the more established – but often slow, risky and troublesome – rationalization strategies. Extreme application rationalization will not only be considered because its technically speaking more feasible, it’s also driven by an increasing pressure from the business side that is just as much aware of the next generation of solutions as it is impatient to start using mobile, social, big data and agile process technologies.

We might see some application landscape breakthroughs real soon. But we need your input to validate that hypothesis. Help us by filling in the survey. In return you will get your free copy of the report even before it is officially published, together with tailored, sector-specific data to benchmark your own organization against peers.

Much appreciated.