When Alice Fredenham auditioned for Brittan’s Got Talent she supposedly was too shy to let anybody else know. But she undoubtedly had talent, and it took only three, mesmerizing minutes of performing My Funny Valentine on stage to convince the entire audience and – more importantly – the jury. *

It’s mandatory learning for the contestants of the upcoming second season of our unique, much-acclaimed Super Techies TV Show in India. Now also open to subscriptions from the US, this edition promises to be more compelling and challenging than ever before. Faced with real challenges from real CIOs from real companies, the duos need of all their creativity, technology insight and business acumen to catch the attention of the jury and – ultimately – win the Grand Prize.

Still, there’s something more needed to make it into the finals. Being a judge in last year’s season, I noted that not necessarily the smartest and brightest teams would prevail. Some of the contestants were simply not able to wow the audience, despite having brilliant ideas.

As any IT architect will tell you, it’s difficult enough to materialize design concepts for anybody not being an IT architect. Those complex, multi-layered diagrams may excite any A0 plotter or fellow architect, they typically fail to bring the message across to the real stakeholders: business people and IT executives. Particularly in the era of social media, mobile user experiences, Big Data and – soon – the Internet of Things, we expect our Super Techies to create an engaging, inspiring performance when communicating their ideas.

How could we believe that they can build the next generation of overwhelming customer experiences or life-changing business models when they cannot even convince us when explaining?

So here it is, aspiring Super Techies champions: use your phenomenal brains to the full extent to create the most innovative, breakthrough ideas. But just keep a little bit left to come up with some really fresh ways to present them to the jury and audience. You might benefit from it in your real, professional life as well.

In the end, it all has to happen on stage.
* Eventually, Alice did not make it into the finale round. She lost to two child acts. Apparently, even a voice ‘like liquid gold’ only brings you so far.