Fusion SCM, specifically Fusion Demand Order Orchestration has a unique niche in the market place. It provides for orchestrating order flows between multiple order capture and order fulfillment systems. This is a complex task especially if there are multiple order processing systems, and there are business rules that govern the routing of the order… which by the way can keep changing. In this complex environment getting visibility to the status of an order can be a herculean task, requiring querying of multiple systems and other manual approaches. Fusion DOO provides a crisp solution to this conundrum, by providing a deep level of order visibility, and also providing the intelligence to dynamically route orders to the right systems.

Routing the order and gaining visibility is important. But modeling the order flow process is even more vital as this provides the logic for the tools to do their job. Hence, Business process modeling (BPM) is key to a successful DOO implementation. Having the right process models and acceptance by all stakeholders to those models is equally vital to a successful DOO project. Capgemini recognizes this connection, and has leveraged its industry leading BPM methodology to provide the vital process modeling framework that is required for a Fusion DOO implementation. This approach has worked well at several of Capgemini’s clients and validates the importance of BPM in the context of Fusion SCM.