On October 10 (Sustainability Day: ‘Dag van de Duurzaamheid’), many activities were held across The Netherlands. Teaming up with ‘10:10 The Energy Challenge’ many activities of this initiative focused on energy and CO2 reduction. It’s motto, ‘What are you switching off?’. In collaboration with Microsoft Capgemini contributed to the activities by taking a specific look at the maturity of sustainability in Texel’s IT.

– By Esther van Bergen, Capgemini Netherlands –

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Den Burg, Texel, 10 october 2012 – Several years ago Texel announced its ambition to be completely energy  neutral and independent (even from Dutch mainland) by use of renewable clean energy sources. A collaboration between TexelEnergy and Capgemini Netherlands B.V. emerged to help realize this. The ‘SmartLighting’ concept was developed and is now active in the form of a pilot. In this concept streetlights can been managed and monitored remotely by the municipality in real-time and uses analyzed data to better forecast future energy use 1).

For Sustainability Day a Green IT Quick Scan version was developed. It was derived from the more extensive Capgemini GreenScan 2). The purpose of the GreenScan is to evaluate an organizations seven main IT areas: Datacenter, Office automation / Office facilities, Data communication, Applications, People, Products / Services, Contribution to Profit and Governance. This results in a baseline the organization can use to develop or improve their strategy and create a roadmap to reach a higher Maturity level. An extended version of the GreenScan can help an organization with a Strategy Workshop and a interactive Roadmap session.

 Zooming in on several Texel organizations

For the Quick Scan version Capgemini created a trimmed down (but representative) alternative. This was supplemented with several subjects from Microsoft that focus on energy savings within a Windows environment.  Several organizations (TexelEnergy, Texel Municipality and the local Public school ‘De Hogeberg’) responded enthusiastically to our offer to provide them with this Green IT Quick Scan and so on October 10 Capgemini travelled, largely with public transport, to Texel. Interviewing those responsible for the organization’s IT environment and its finances, combined with closer look at their infrastructure / server rooms, we were able to form a good understanding of their current set-up.



The results

Keeping in mind Texel’s ambitions we too were curious to see what the results of the scans would be. In general we can conclude that the organizations were doing relatively well in some areas and are using several technologies already that contribute to energy efficiencies. These had not been conscious decisions driven by sustainability however, and this is the main area where all partaking organizations have some steps to be made. Especially when looking at their plans for the future. To ensure their relative energy efficient IT environments remain so, embedding sustainability in its strategic and governance bodies is highly recommended. TexelEnergy financial director Martin van Rijswijk: “I felt the Quick Scan served a good purpose and was fun to do. It has made me much more aware of the role of sustainability within our IT environment and will look at it with a broader perspective from now on”.

All of the organizations participating in this Green IT Quick Scan have received a more extensive feedback. Providing them with some concrete advise for long term perspective and some quick wins we were able to identify. We hope this will help them with their future developments and alignment with strategic management by using our feedback as a steppingstone.

For more information, please contact:

  • Capgemini: Esther van Bergen; Ger Fischer (Capgemini Green IT Team)
  • Microsoft: Sabine Hess, Environmental Sustainability Lead, ph. no. +31 (0)20 – 500 2555 or via persdesk@microsoft.com.

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1)For more information about Texel’s SmartLighting, contact Paul Sijbers or the Smart Energy Services platform.

2)For more information about GreenScan, contact Esther van Bergen or via greenit.nl@capgemini.com


Esther van Bergen is an IT Strategy consultant at Capgemini Netherlands. As a coordinator for Capgemini’s Green IT services and a member of the Capgemini’s Sustainability Network she specializes in Sustainability of and with IT.