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By Max Tau, Capgemini Netherlands

Chris Castro (24), co-Founder of IDEAS, talks @TEDx Olando about his experience with running an international student organization by looking at starfish.

Biomimicry is a concept that explains a biological process being applied to non-biological things.

Take solar power and the plant process with the sun (photosynthesis). Chris Castro has had nearly a decade of experience as the founder and manager of what has become a thriving  international student organization. With a network of interested, interesting, and passionate advocates who work on local and global environmental projects.

Having a seat at the UN doesn’t come easy. IDEAS has demonstrated Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions among its thousands of members and international partnerships. Castro understood the power that social networking and collaboration technology had, but was sure to have a clear vision to enable rapid, viral, growth.

At a recent TedX event in Orlando, Florida Chris was asked to discuss his experience with biomimicry in his undertaking as head of an organization. I find his talk to be great, and since Chris is a long time Friend, I hoped to share it with all you.

Let me know your thoughts on applying the starfish approach to management and how important the founding charter and culture becomes.@max_tau

IDEAS (Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions) is a Florida, US, based orgnization that works to advocate, educate, and act on environmental issues facing communties, the country, and the world.


Max Tau is a technology and Supply Chain consultant at Capgemini Netherlands. As a member of the Sustainability Framework within Capgemini, he specializes in information technology based solutions to environmental and efficiency related targets.

 Organizational Response to Individual Leadership. @max_tau