Agree the traditional media isn’t dead but are we utilizing content marketing to its maximum potential ? Gone are the days of static websites, companies are actively investing time and resources to publish and monitor compelling content which can result in lead generation. Some companies have also moved a step further to develop a predictive model around content marketing and assign sales targets based on predictive conversions.

Getting noticed through digital channels is extremely important due to the volume of audiences you are dealing with and it requires more effort than ever. With increased focus and spending, marketers are getting more and more confident on how to create and publish content to engage audiences on digital channels.

In my experience of dealing with some renowned CPRD companies, I realized that most of them are struggling to understand the benefits of content marketing. Some are even doing content marketing without even realizing it, there may be no protocols here but its “Marketing” and not a regular publishing activity so you would need to make sure you have :

  1. Consistent content and messaging across all digital channels : web, social and mobile about your company, brand and products
  2. Engaging content about the products which involves views and feedback of the customer and a platform capable to deal with responses
  3. Streamlined content update mechanism to make sure all channels including traditional media have updates at the same time. No channel should appear out-dated.

Apart from their usual business, all companies today are also media companies and they should better be good storytellers if they want sticky customers. If you are still having a content editor to write and publish your content then you are living dangerously as your competitor next door has far more innovative ways to create compelling and engaging content. That’s the basic difference between “Talk” and “Engage”.

  1. Identify experts in your organization for every product and connect them through an internal social media platform
  2. You will find a lot of people volunteering for contributing to company’s content – have incentives for motivation
  3. Have their views and messages monitored by a domain specific content editor
  4. Content editor must also review competition content to have a check on what’s working and what’s already been tried
  5. Having everything into perspective, content editor can now create engaging content(not just talking) and post it internally for feedback
  6. You then need to have auditors and analysts to check the performance of the content and if there are any updates/correction required

I know what you are thinking, Absolutely Right, that’s a lot of work. But then, who said marketing is easy. Remember the 4Ps ? Let’s add another “P” here and that’s “People”. You need resources to create, audit, translate, publish and monitor content which is extremely important as it is reaching out to millions of customers. What you say there becomes the perception of your organization and now in the digital world, it can change overnight. So how do you do it ?

Handling everything on your own is a nightmare; after all, you are not a publishing company. You have ideas but not the time to execute it. Without doubt, outsourcing is your only option to achieve a competitive edge and to keep pace with the trend. What part should you be outsourcing? as you wouldn’t want to lose complete control over the content which describes your organization and its products.


With a clear distinction of operational vs strategic responsibilities your digital publishing environment can be worry free. You wouldn’t have to worry about dealing with multiple 3rd party vendors for images/videos, managing assets, handling translations if you are dealing with multiple geographies, running regular quality checks and also measuring the success of the content through digital analytics tools.

Content marketing is here to stay, so how are you and your team in content creation. Can you confidently say you have Error Free, Up-to-date, Consistent, and Compelling digital channels ? If not, time to think !