Is our new digital age about to turn the old world order of a patriarchal government watching over us on its head? Is the citizen setting the pace, rather than government? With technology driving society in new directions and society, in turn, driving a revolution in the use of technology, it’s time for a re-think about how the public sector collaborates with tech-savvy citizens.

Social media, cloud computing and mobility have brought about a revolution: a true Digital Transformation. In many instances of public sector service delivery this has enabled government to begin delivering on a strategy of citizen centricity. Digital Transformation has the potential to ensure the citizen can interact through a single channel driven by life events: unemployed; death; getting married. The interaction for all these events can be a one stop shop with the right digital strategy in place – and technology to support it.

But not all areas of government are transforming at the same pace. Public security and law enforcement have been more hesitant than other areas to move ahead with broad-ranging digitization. Understandably perhaps, there is concern about the security aspects of this new era of communications and how it might move operational goalposts. Should these concerns stand in the way of progress? I don’t believe so.
Governments and law enforcement authorities will have to invest further in Digital Transformation. The time to make that investment is right now. Whether it is a case of acceding to government-centric change drivers, or the pressure to keep up with the bad guys, both the public sector in general and police specifically have the technology to enable a different type of collaboration with citizens – they just need the will.

You will be able to learn more next week, in my article ‘Digital Transformation in Public Security and Policing