Let’s face it, if you dont have a punch line for your campaign which explains its objective and targets then you have a bit of work to do before you launch it. It’s important to make a strong statement but it’s even more important not to confuse the customer with too many messages.

Campaigns are run for new products, seasons, clearance and many other reasons but how often you have a clear plan in terms of who, what, where and when and also the tangible benefits linked with your bottom line.

You obviously would have a gut feel about all these questions but how bad is it to say “Affirmative” at the end of the day. For starters, go by your assumptions and make complete use of Social Media. It’s all out there folks, you just need to head in the right direction.
Social MediaIdentify blogs, forums and influencers which you think discuss your kind of products and just “listen”, listen to their preferences, their complaints, desires, and wish list. Your product might have what the target audience is looking for but does your campaign reflect the key messages which are aligned with the preferences and are good enough to grab the attention ?

Now its time to get on the board and scribble what you want to achieve out of this campaign. It is important that your investments are aligned with expected returns. Returns are not necessarily only in terms of $€£ – reach, sentiment, unique visitors are also some to track. Also your metrics might also depend on the channels you are selecting for your campaign. Some channels will have an awareness objectives like TV, Press, Social Media and others ofcourse will ‘show you the money’. Metrics are not hard to guess and I will not be going through the usual list which you must have come across a thousand times, what’s important is to have your targets in 3 categories : Conservative, Realistic and Ambitious. If you have a target for every metric aligned with these categories you’ll be able to showcase the real success of the campaign to the management. The launch isn’t really a failure if you couldn’t achieve the ambitious targets – CMO : CMO Campaign wasnt a great success but we managed to achieve our conservative target “

Once again, do you NOW have a punch line for your campaign ?


Next Up : Testing your campaigns, Launch what works best, There’s no hurry !!