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Over the last couple of decades, organizations have adopted the lean operation methodologies to achieve higher level of efficiency resulting in improved margins. The Walmarts and Apples of the world have pioneered this methodology and have achieved enhanced efficiency in their supply chain, procurement, manufacturing and retailing operations.

As tempting as it may sound, the lean mode of operation brings in a significant level of complexities on the table, which are applicable for any extended enterprise set up. Operational information such as transactional and historic data of services/products that eventually the sourcing company sells under its brand name are siloed and distributed within the contracted organizations information platforms. This nature of dispersed data and resources dilutes the control of the parent company on processes and data of services or products contracted.

BPM known for its seamless integration and collaboration capabilities in addition to its decision making capabilities resulting in actionable information helps the sourcing companies have a real time view in the form of dashboards and actionable events of processes and data that is collected to churn out the services and products the contracted companies were chosen for.

The BPM products available in the market now have incorporated intelligent features like enhanced decision making, actionable reporting and seamless integration capabilities to name a few. These capabilities are exciting corporations globally, to deploy BPM, which acts like a Super Glue by unifying their operations and enabling the key stake holders to take near real time decisions in addition to identifying process roadblocks and remediating them on the go.

A tool like BPM will help collate data from multiple sources both from the sourcing company and the extended contract organization and help convert data into information which is actionable and reportable to various governing bodies both internally and externally. This way of monitoring the source of the contracted service or organization will help negate any process deviations and will help in shipping out the product/services of highest quality at the right time to the right people. In addition to helping an extended enterprise have high visibility in to process details, BPM also provides web based user interfaces for people in the distributed organization which help them view relevant information concatenated from various systems. This helps in reducing license costs of highly charged EAM and ERP licenses.

This super glue not only enhances organizations collaboration and decision making but also provides a micro view of the entire organization, which aids in continuous improvement resulting in better performance, quality and sales. In the next few years, as a super-glue, BPM will prove to be an important differentiator as organizations seek to adopt a successful and flexible lean operation/extended enterprise model