Oooh I can! It’s the familiar sound of the cash register! Admittedly, there will always be some challenges, whether internal or external, however, here are a few reasons explaining why I can hear ka-ching ka-ching more frequently now than ever before:

  1. To ease the shopping experience for online customers, all cross-selling opportunities were removed from the website
  2. Each call-to-action message is now clear and straight to the point
  3. The website’s copy was modified to supply comprehensive product descriptions
  4. The position of opt-in offers were risen on the pages to help increase acquisitions
  5. The site was split-tested to help understand which design of site would be preferred by the targeted audience
  6. Product pages were enhanced with videos to allow customers to see how the products could be used
  7. The option for customers to leave reviews about the products they bought from the site were added because, as the saying goes, if they want then I want it too!
  8. The site now offers special treatment for repeat customers, such as loyalty offers and discount schemes
  9. Analysis of the ‘about us’ page showed it was either the second or third page in a path or had a higher volume of visits than expected and thus, it became clear the website’s homepage was not performing as the shop window.

And that’s before I begin looking at marketing and social strategies. Imagine what will happen to online conversion once those have been initiated… So, what are you doing to increase online sales? 🙂