Capgemini Netherlands is officially Specialized by Oracle in Oracle Unified Business Process Management (BPM)

Oracle started rebuilding their complete stack 7 years ago with the Fusion program using the credo Complete, Open, Integrated. This tremendous job resulted in a stack consisting of a huge variety of products, one of which is Oracle BPM..

In order to be sure that System Integrators like Capgemini are doing a good job implementing all these products, Oracle introduced the specialization program. Partners need to prove that they are able to work with the stack, have sufficient knowledge and client references, who can testify that the partner executed a good job with the product.

One of the specialization programs focuses on the Oracle Unified Business Process Management (BPM) product stack. Typical topics in this area are:

  • BPM lifecycle
  • Workflow management
  • Event management
  • Process performance management
  • Rules Management
  • BPMN2.0 standard
  • Page/Portal creation (ADF / WebCenter)
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

The certification consists of multiple exam steps during which several individuals need to pass different levels of knowledge (from sales, implementation to support), and provide client testimonies of a successful implementation.

For Oracle BPM this means that the following 4 exams needed to be passed, some more often then others:


  • Pre-sales exam (2)
  • Sales exam(2)
  • Support exam(1)



  • Implementation exam(1)


And 1 customer reference needed to be submitted and acknowledged, for this we selected our client Stedin, for which we implemented a BPM Solution for Smart Energy Meters. If you would like to know more about this implementation please contact Léon Smiers

Being Oracle Unified Business Process Management certified shows to our customers and potential customers that Capgemini has the skills and knowledge to successfully implement BPM projects. It also reflects our commitment to Oracle and belief in the Oracle BPM product stack.

Other areas of OPN certification in which Capgemini NL is registered with:

  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Business Intelligence Foundation
  • CRM OnDemand
  • E-Business Suite Supply Chain Management
  • Real Application Clusters
  • WebCenter Portal
  • Siebel CRM

How can you get certified?

Once you have access to the Oracle Partner Network (OPN), Oracle provides you with all the necessary material and guidance to get certified.

There are 5 subjects one can specialize in:




Server & Storage Systems


Oracle BPM is in the middleware layer. For most of the subjects the criteria is split into Business and Competency. This shows proof to both the knowledge of the  employees and ability to execute in the field.

Once you have enough recognition, a company can apply for an official membership level.  Capgemini Global is recognized as a Diamond Paterner

Specializations No Requirements Maximum of 4 Minimum of 5 Minimum of 20
Advanced Specializations No Requirements No Requirements No Requirements Minimum of 5